Acksys Communications & Systems                                               


ACKSYS Communications & Systems have specialised in the design and supply of data communication equipment since 1984.

ACKSYS' core values are to provide longevity, performance, reliability and quality solutions for the most extreme requirements of factory and building automation, oil & gas industry, rail, on-road and marine transportation.

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So why choose ACKSYS?

Reliability & Robustness - ACKSYS products are designed to be used in harsh environments, every component is tested and has a 5-year warranty

Relevant Solutions - ACKSYS developes tailored solutions designed to fit its customers specific needs or unique environment. All products comply with the various standards in targeted markets.

Customer Service - ACKSYS has developed a solid pre sales and after-sales process to ensure that customesr receive the highest level of support at every stage of their projects.

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At Pneutrol, all ACKSYS' products have a 5 year or lifetime guarantee, depending on the product and all their ranges comply with European Standards.