Hydronix are world leaders in Microwave Moisture Management in process control industries.  Established in 1982 and with over 50,000 systems installed worldwide to date, Hydronix are the preferred choice for manufacturers in the Concrete, Aggregate and Asphalt industrires.

Hydronix are focused on cost and waste reduction, making them an ideal solution for animal feed, grain and sugar applications.

So why buy Hydronix?

They were the first to develop microwave moisture sensors specifically for use in the concrete industry and are now seen as the world leader in the field. With a focus on continued research and development and over 30 years experience. Hydronix has successfully introduced digital microwave moisture measurement into a wide range of other industries, both mineral and organic.

At Pneutrol, we can supply you with Hydronix moisture & temperature sensors, controls, displays & interfaces and the supporting software which enables easy integration into new and existing manufacturing systems.

Please follow the below links to view the Hydronix products we offer here at Pneutrol Spares:

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Please watch the below video which shows the Hydro-Mix sensor measuring moisture levels in grain:

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