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A glimpse into the vast array of pneumatic and electric vibrators from Oli Vibra Ltd!

As a subsidiary of worldwide operating WAMGROUPOLI Vibra Ltd. are responsible for the distribution of industrial vibration technology components in Malta. In engineering and manufacturing, sister company, OLI Vibra Ltd., from the northern Italian town of Medolla looks back on more than four decades of experience.

Established in 2008, OLI Vibra Ltd. are rated as a competent supplier of Industrial Electric, Pneumatic and Hydraulic Vibrators, as well as of Frequency Converters and Vibrators for the building and construction industry. Beyond simple distribution, OLI Vibra Ltd. are able to adapt their products according to special customer requirements offering numerous complementary options and accessories.

It is the philosophy of OLI Vibra Ltd. to offer high quality, mass-produced products at an attractive price. Customer satisfaction through professional advice, comprehensive service and constant availability backed up by a vast stock of equipment are the cornerstones of OLI Vibra Ltd. and their partnership with us at Pneutrol Spares

At Pneturol Spares, our extensive range of electric vibrators, industrial vibrating motors and flow aids include the following:

Oli Vibrators & Flow Aids

Oli Concrete Vibrators

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